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Prologue -- Adrift.


Darkness. That was all he saw. All around him, nothing but darkness. He had no idea how long he had been there, only that he was alone. He tried to remember how he had gotten stuck floating in the middle of what seemed to be an endless void, but his memories were too hazy to process any of it. All he could manage to remember was his own name, and a fleeting hope of getting home. Suddenly, in the empty darkness, a speck of light appeared, small, but noticeable in the void space. He began to move his arms and legs in a swimming motion, to try and move himself toward the light in the distance. As he did this, more specks of light began to pierce the inky blackness of the void, like stars in the night sky. He continued to swim toward the specks in the void, with a hope that maybe that could be his way back home. Suddenly, he felt his body being pulled toward the specks, as if he was inside the gravitational field of a planet. With each passing second the specks were grew larger to him, merging into a sea of light as he was pulled towards them; he could barely stay conscious due to the forces being exerted on his body. As he reached the brightest point of the mass of light that had appeared before him, he blacked out; unaware of what would soon unfold.

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